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PersonalAnxiety Will Never Beat Me AgainThe story that started this blog. My story of years of anxiety, sleeplessness, and ER visits.2015.05.31
Personalthe natural supernatural: a story from the 2017 Convergence ConferenceA cool story of God working through dreams and a word of knowledge/prophecy.2017.10.20
Music ReviewsRanking All of Switchfoot's AlbumsI list all Switchfoot's albums from good to great.2020.07.10
Small Group Material ReviewsMoving Mountains by John EldredgeReview of this small group study.2019.07.12
Book ReviewsSpirit and Sacrament by Andrew WilsonReview of this book.2019.03.30
Small Group Material ReviewsGoliath Must Fall by Louie GiglioReview of this small group study.2018.06.24
Book ReviewsIf God Then What? by Andrew WilsonReview of this book.2017.10.18
Small Group Material Reviewsthe Reason for God: Conversations on Faith and Life by Timothy KellerReview of this small group study.2017.10.09
Small Group Material ReviewsTo Live Is Christ & To Die Is Gain by Matt ChandlerReview of this small group study.2017.03.27
Film ReviewsHillsong: Let Hope RiseReview of this film.2017.03.20
Film Reviewsthe Cross: the Arthur Blessitt StoryReview of this film.2017.03.03
Book ReviewsBeautiful Outlaw by John EldredgeReview of this book.2016.10.01
Book ReviewsPure Scum: the Left-Behind, the Right Brained, and the Grace of God by Mike Sares and Reese RoperReview of this book.2016.06.21
Book Reviews the Pursuit of God by A.W. TozerReview of this book.2016.06.19
PersonalAnxiety Will Never Beat Me Again - Four Months LaterThe four-month followup post to my dramatic deliverance from anxiety.2015.08.06
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