Book progress: my battle (and victory over) anxiety and panic attacks

Posted By Greg Michalec on Oct 7, 2017

I’m about a year and nearly 25,000 words into fleshing out a book based on my story of overcoming anxiety and debilitating panic attacks–very briefly told in my previous two personal blog posts. I just re-read these posts–written over two and a half years ago–and I still affirm what they say, though I would now probably describe certain points in a different way. I will not be editing those posts; instead I will be reshaping the ideas in the book.

The book is about moving from a mostly intellectual perspective of Christianity that had only a theoretical understanding of the power of God; to stepping out in faith, trusting God’s promises, and seeing supernatural deliverance. It talks through my thoughts and experiences living in Christian suburbia, thoughts on dealing with chronic illness, my wrestling with Word of Faith theology, thoughts on the interaction between faith and healing, and several other ideas.

As far as the delivery of the book–whether e-book or paper–I do not yet know. I do know that writing it has been tremendously encouraging as I build word by word a reminder to myself of God’s goodness in my life.

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